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Not all businesses understand the importance of reliable commercial auto insurance for their business vehicles. Here at safer Insurance, we provide comprehensive commercial auto insurance. We can insure a variety of business types, from Courtesy Passenger Shuttle, Electricians, Gardeners, General Contractors, Ice Cream Trucks, Plumbers, Sand & Gravel Haulers, Termite Exterminators, Tow Trucks and Trucking Long and Local Haul, etc..

•    Liability up to 1 million (Pays for damages to others)
•    Physical Damage (Covers your vehicle against damages)
•    Cargo (Covers the Merchandise you haul)
•    Federal & State Filing (MC, DOT, CA, MCP65, MCS90, Cargo)
•    Nonowned Automobile: In commercial auto policies, coverage for autos that are used in connection with the named insured's business but are neither owned, leased, hired, rented or borrowed by the named insured. The term specifically applies to vehicles owned by employees and used for company business.

•    Hired Automobile: An automobile whose exclusive use has been temporarily given to another for a monetary sum or other consideration. The business auto definition of 'hired autos,' however, includes autos borrowed except those borrowed from employees or partners.

•    Trailer Interchange (Covers physical damages for trailers you haul but that are not yours)





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